Grow with Trauma

We live in a world where trauma defines who many of us are today. There are many intricate harming traumas, but childhood trauma has to be the winner.  Instead of manifesting a better future we let our traumas sink in.  We carry it wherever we go and use it as a self-defense mechanism in many situations. We use it as an "excuse" to why we are the way we are. The thing is, you don't have to let trauma define you. When looking at the bigger picture, you can break the cycle, you can grow with the positive of your trauma. Instead of using it as an "excuse" of what not to be. Use it as an "excuse" of what to be.  Trauma hurts, I know. But, when you let it define who you are, you will never move forward. The cycle will keep repeating on if you don't dive in to the positive aspects of it all. Childhood trauma isn't heal-able because you won't forget, but it's something to grow with. Something to look at and use as a motivation to turn the situation into growth.
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