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  • Hand-Woven Lauhala:

    Hand picked, cleaned, de-thorned, softened, stripped, and woven Lauhala (Pandanus). A natural fiber curated into wearable jewelry, accessories, and necessities. A traditional craft practiced by many Polynesians and Hawaiians.

    ઽ卄⚫Ⲣ ᒶ𝙰Մ卄𝙰ᒶ𝙰 
  • A Necklace for Everyone:

    Aia ka nani iā ​​ʻoe

    (the beauty is in you)


    Sea treasures curated to suite the beauty in you! Feel the divinity of beauty in yourself! The perfect accessory to amplify your existing beauty.

    ઽ卄⚫Ⲣ ℕ⋿с𝚔Ꮮ𝙰с⋿ઽ 
  • Style your Next Adventure!

    Stack up on stretch bracelets for your next daily adventure! They're here to keep you in fashion while on the go! While it may be a day at the beach, a trip to the snow, a crazy hike, or just a day running errands; they got you!

    ઽ卄⚫Ⲣ ઽ⟙ᖇ⋿⟙с卄 𝖡ᖇ𝙰с⋿Ꮮ⋿⟙ઽ 
  • Hand-Picked Sea Treasures:

    All sea treasures offered was hand picked by the owner of Lovellysea. NO sea shell is ever harvested when occupied with life! ALL glass offered has been ocean tumbled by the beauty of the ocean.

    ઽ卄⚫Ⲣ ઽ𝞊𝙰 ⟙ᖇ𝞊𝙰ઽՄᖇ𝞊ઽ 

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Meet the owner and creator! EST:2017
Owner and creator, Kamalani Lovell is a local girl from Hawai'i who always craves an adventure. Growing up around the ocean and mountains, she turned the aspects of nature into inspirational art. She values the patterns, color palettes, and creativity triggers that nature offers.  Her small business started from a re-spark of love for an old hobby, shelling. She curates elegant sea treasure jewels that leaves you feeling magical, yet powerful. Kamalani also practices the Hawaiian art Lauhala. A fond weaving tradition passed down from her kumu tutu. She hopes to give you a variety of handmade treasures that you can feel amazing in, hold close to your heart, wear, and acknowledge on the daily.





Lauhala weaving is a traditional art Hawaiians and Polynesians have practiced for many years. A beautiful plant harvested for many of its parts, especially its leaves or leaf(Lau). The Lauhala leaves were woven into many different uses like their sails on their boats, mats for their hale(house), baskets for storage and luggaging, and etc.. The art grew to hats from different ranges and styles, Jewelry, purses, and more! Here at Lovellysea we hand weave each product with extra love and Aloha. Wear a little of Kaua'i everywhere you go.


Weaving background:

I began weaving December 2020 as my Tutu(grandmother) as my Kumu. Her astonishing knowledge she has shared with me will forever be an amazing impact to my life. All my techniques and styles I share is a piece of mana that my Tutu has shared and gifted me with. The gift is knowledge and learning how to appreciate a Hawaiian cultural practice and the family that I was blessed to be apart of. I am happy I get to share a piece of the Hawaiian culture with you all. Mahalo Tutu.



please only take seashells that are uninhabited or have no life upon them!

Here at Lovellysea, uninhabited shelling is a non negotiable thing. As a small business that constantly uses sea shells as a material, ethical shelling is the only way I believe in. As in, taking nothing that has life upon it!  I hear many people say, "there aren't much shells anymore". Well, that's because people keep taking them when they are occupied!  Leaving them with no chance to live or reproduce! Every seashell that I offer was never occupied by an animal when found!
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