Drip with Thrifting

There is no such thing as not feeling bougie in thrift finds.  While being extra fashionable by dressing in thrifts, you're also helping out the environment.  When looking for a new outfit, check out someones thrift store, or your local thrift store. There are lots of golden archives waiting to be re-used.  Keep in mind that instead of someones old clothes adding to the landfill, it is now yours to treasure and flaunt.  Also, when you shop thrift, you are supporting someones small business or some non- profit! So lets draw back to the beginning and review.......1. you are helping the environment.....2.you are supporting something small and worthy. It goes both ways though.......Besides throwing out your old clothes, sell them, donate them, or give it to someone who will treasure it. reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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