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(Pre-order) Lauhala Bracelet

(Pre-order) Lauhala Bracelet

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Please note that I try my best to duplicate this exact bracelet! BUT, every leaf is truly never the exact same! It will look oh so exactly similar though :) 

(please allow up to 7-10 days for processing time! If you need sooner..please E-mail me or DM me on Instagram!)


hand woven Kaua’i Lauhala


handmade with aloha



Lauhala is a natural fiber known to last for generations with the right care.

  • avoid taking any Lauhala products swimming.
  • avoid getting drenched in general. If you get it wet, make sure to dry it out nicely before next use!                                    
  • oil Lauhala once wain a while with any type of oil you’d prefer! (Ex: coconut oil, kukui nut oil, baby oil, mineral oil, etc.)
  • remember that Lauhala is a natural fiber that doesn’t like to be tugged at hardly. Let it be and nature will take its course!


Colors may vary due to photo lighting

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