3 ways to Ease Your Anxiety

Anxiety can be a frustrating feeling to deal with. The shakes, the doubts, and all the missing out. I personally deal with it on the daily and some days there is no end.  Being a small business owner, anxiety has crippled my ability to fully prosper. Every day I practice these three ways to help guide and cope with my anxiety. I hope these three steps can help guide you through your anxiety and help amplify you life!

  1. Tell yourself you are strong, you are capable.
  • When having anxiety their comes points where you feel useless, incapable of doing and being, and lifeless. Never forget who you are and how strong your being is. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself who you are!
  • Get outside!
    • Get your butt out of bed and get outside! When you lay in bed all day you set yourself up for a sluggish day. which eventually leads to anxiety and what ifs. Go outside and acknowledge nature. Admire the beauty in all that surrounds you and tell yourself how blessed you are. Remind yourself that even nature struggles on the daily, but it never gives up!
  • Let go!
    • Let go of anything that griefs you. A lot of anxiety comes from pass events or something that you have absorbed through a fond relationship. It is highly important to let go anything that doesn't serve you in a positive way. Holding on to something negative will elevate your anxiety and intensify it. It is completely okay to disconnect and let go of people and things that don't have a positive impact towards you or on you. Let go and feel the weight lifted!
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